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221 Lakeshore Rd. E. Oakville

Who we are —

We are passionate about the people who love goodfood. Our team is all about bringing to our locals thebest in Greek hospitality and product quality at greatprices.

We are a dedicated team of restaurateurs, chefs, cooks and creators who are mostly passionate about Greek culture, so we have recreated Greek recipes thatare authentic and originally from the Greek islands tofound Farma Greek Market in the summer of 2021.

Farma Greek, for short, is a vibrant fast and casual takeout place to experience the good food of the islands of Greece

Our location —

We are located in the heart of downtown Oakville and we run our services in two different venues: A fasts mall eatery for take-out, and a marketplace for foodiesto shop authentic Greek products. Farma Greek is a small cosy marketplace tucked underneath Colossus Taverna, a Greek Restaurant founded in 1986 by the same owners.

At Farma we prepare and cook daily delicious Greek rotisserie that offers a quick serve of classic Greek pita sandwiches on the spot or for take-out. There are also daily specials and a seleccion of Greek prepared foods to grab and go, and options of soft drinks for the enjoyment of people of all ages.

Why Farma —

FARMA means 'farm' in Greek, and since ancient times Greece has been a thriving land producing wine, olives and farm products of extraordinary quality; reason why is first in delivering Europe and the world with its high quality products; the same products we guarantee you’ll find in our Farma Greek Market.

The Greek Islands are famous for their exquisite Greek recipes, and known around the world as one of the healthiest Mediterranean diets. From a ‘farm to table’ idea, Greek tradition became our inspiration, and our mission is to bring the freshest Greek dishes to your table.

How Did the Farma Greek Market adventure Start —

It started with Greek Stoicism and facing the challenging times after the mandates for closure of the restaurant businesses in Ontario. It was very important to transcend, to keep serving the community and nurturing the long lasting relationships regardless of the adversities lived throughout the years of the pandemic.

“ Farma Greek is a fully mature fast serve restaurant to pioneer resilience in difficult settings or moments. At Farma Greek, they know how to carry on and extend the founder’s outstanding hospitality and cuisine to all Canadians and tourists the best Greek food in town “~Donkey Promise


"Not just your regular restaurant
Taverna made a long journey to make the difference...”

Tom Ford

"Best rated restaurant in town enjoy live music Wednesdays and Sundays”

Sophia Samoa

"Love the way they made everything from the floor to the roof, I love it..”

Elijah Smith


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221 Lakeshore Rd. E. Oakville

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